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Micol Hair Color Kit LIGHT BROWN

Coloring without ammonia

Farmagan embraces the Vegan philosophy , formulating a color without ammonia and with a very high concentration of ingredients of natural origin. 

The extracts of dyeing plants (phytopigments) present in the product have made it possible to boast a naturalness of the product between 85 and 90%

The formulations have been designed to significantly reduce application time. 

The active ingredients are made available immediately after preparing the mixture with our activator and, thanks to the properties of the formula, the colors quickly penetrate the keratin structure and color the hair from root to tip, evenly and completely. 

The result is a brilliant, natural color full of reflections for healthy and shiny hair in just 20 minutes. 

Its formulation allows a dual action: 

color the hair ensuring maximum results with a brilliant color rich in reflections and keeping the hair and scalp in optimal conditions due to the presence of a dermoprotective complex

Micol Hair Color Kit

Home hair coloring kit, without ammonia.

Vegan formula with 85% ingredients of natural origin.

Processing time 20 minutes!

Each pack contains:

– 1 tube (single dose) of Micol Hair Color coloring cream 60ml
– 1 applicator bottle (single dose) containing the cream developer for color development 60ml
– 1 Sachet (single dose) of Micol Hair Care Post Color Shampoo 7ml
– 1 Sachet (single dose) ) by Micol Hair Care Post Color Mask 7ml
– 1 sheet of instructions for use
– 1 pair of disposable gloves


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10.80 INC VAT

Availability: In stock

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